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I am delighted to announce the appointment of Mark Haigh as Managing Director of Century Dyeing Company with effect from Monday 20th September 2010.

Mark has long experience in the textile industry - initially at Carringtons and then British Millerain. This has covered dyeing, weaving and coating of fabric.

Mark joined Allied in early 2008 and has been running the IQ operation acquired by Allied in October 2009. He is currently completing the move of IQ and Coating Applications to the larger Rawtenstall site, moves which will be complete by mid September.

I am sure this will move the Century business forward, and that you will join me in wishing Mark well in his new role.

If you have any immediate queries please let me know. I know Mark will be looking to meet major customers in due course, although he is planning to spend the early weeks gaining a detailed understanding of the Century business.

Stewart McGuffie
Chief Executive
Allied Textiles Ltd

New arrivals at Century Dyeing bring expertise and energy efficiency


Robert Watton who joined the company at the end of last year is the first point of contact for all enquiries and customer service. Robert has a wealth of experience in the textile industry which he is now using to enhance Century’s customer service.

More recently Andrew Fielding has joined as Chief Engineer. Andrew has over 20 years in the textile industry working for some of the major UK and European textile companies. One of Andrew's first projects is a second boiler installation at Century alongside the existing boiler. This will ensure Century can carry on processing even if one boiler breaks down. It will also ensure that steam generation is closely matched to the production requirements which will reduce the gas use thereby reducing Century’s carbon footprint.